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Stanley covers Rain Magazine in Dior Special by Photographer and Stylist Davey Sutton. Artwork by Juan Bertoni, Creative Direction by Sophia French, Hair and Makeup by Brady Lea, Photography Assistance by Bruno McGuffie, Styling Assistance by Alex Trillo, and Retouching by Eursa Major.

Jordan is captured by Photographer Jeffery Jones and Styled by Lennon Gabriel for the newest issue of King Kong Magazine. Hair by Fernando Torrent, Makeup by Asami Matsuda, with Creative Direction and Production by High Area Paris, Art Direction by Annett Monheim, and Casting by Timoer Nulens.

Shea is Photographed and Directed by Vanessa Granda with Director Davy Gomez for Google Pixel Pro 8. Styling by Aly Cooper, Makeup by Alana Palau, Hair by Nathaniel Dezan, Manicure by Tyler Macias, Production by The Canvas Agency, with Cinematography by Kemuel DePaula.

Shea is photographed by Angella Choe for the LA Times. Styling and Casting by Marquise Miller and Aaron Christmon, Styling Assist by Raf Talaat, Hair by Lola Benson, Makeup by Alexa Hernandez, and Article by Melvin Backman.

Sofian is Photographed by Zoë Ghertner by Kersti Jan Werdal for the Miu Miu FW/23 Campaign by Designer Miuccia Prada. Creative Direction by Edward Quarmby, Styling by Lotta Volkova, Art Direction by Ottilie Thompson and Bellamejia Bruton, Hair by Holli Smith, Makeup by Yadim Carranza, and Set Design by Spencer Vrooman.

Gabriel is Photographed by Valeria Herklotz for Adidas Y3 FW/23 Chapter 4 collection. Creative Direction by Reid Jamie, Styling by Robbie Spencer, Movement Direction by MJ Harper, Hair by Dushan Petrovich, Manicure by Tricia Pahl, Makeup by Stephanie Kunz, and Set Design by Rebecca Isle.

Stanley is captured by Davey Sutton for WellDone Special x 10 Magazine. Fashion Direction and Styling by Gary Armstrong, Hair by Brady Lea, Makeup by Anna Payne, Post Production by Eursa Major, with Fashion Assist by Alex Trillo, and Photography Assist by Bruno McGuffie and Sophia French.

Kosmas is captured by Photographer Emil Levy for Cap 74024 with fashion direction by Elena Luttichau. Makeup and grooming by Marvin Glissmann and fashion assistance by Monika Jaun.

Stanley stars in Character Traits, an editorial by Marcus Cooper for the newest issue of CAP 74024. Hair by Gonn Kinoshita, Makeup by Yuki Hayashi, Photo Assist by Thomas Chimney, Makeup Assist by Aimi Osada, and Casting by Remi Felipe.

Paul Clech is lensed by Photographer Jorge Fuster for the latest issue of Fucking Young Magazine. Styling by Fashion Editor Jon Mikel del Valle, Makeup by Lucas Margarit, and Casting by Zerek Green.

Stanley is captured by Davey Sutton for the new Hero Magazine, Summer Zine. Grooming by Brady Lea, Photo Assist by Bruno McGuffie, Styling Assist by Dominik Radomski and Alex Trillo, Retouching by Eursa Major, and Casting by Sarah Maria Booth.  

Jaheim is captured by Christopher Smith for the newest issue of Esquire Mexico. Styling by Fashion Editor Salvador Cosio, Art Direction by Casey Franklin, Hair by Davey Matthew, and Makeup by Virginia Vera.

Stanley Barna covers the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of 10 Men Magazine. Photography by Davey Sutton, Styling by Gary Armstrong, hair by Brady Lea, Makeup by Andrew Denton, and casting by Sarah-Maria Booth.

Jordy covers the pages of the latest issue of Vogue Mexico. He is lensed by Photographer Manuel Zúñiga. Fashion direction by Raúl Guerrero Valdívia, hair by Giovanni Delgado, makeup by Mark De Los Reyes, production by Julio Nuño, and casting by Dreamland Agency.

Bruno Berkel is captured by Photographer Daniel Roché for the Numero Berlin 17. Styling by Götz Offergeld, with style, assisted by Stella Raschke, Luis Danke, and Nutsa Khurtsilavagrooming. Grooming by Tony Lundström at Blossom with grooming assisted by Diellza Jahiri. Production by Luis Hartmann, and casting by Lilly Meuser at Neu Casting with casting assisted […]

Magnus is captured by Photographer Daniel Roché for the Numero Berlin 17. Styling by Götz Offergeld, with style, assisted by Stella Raschke, Luis Danke, and Nutsa Khurtsilavagrooming. Grooming by Tony Lundström at Blossom with grooming assisted by Diellza Jahiri. Production by Luis Hartmann, and casting by Lilly Meuser at Neu Casting with casting assisted by […]

Magnus is a dreamer in the latest editorial story captured by Photographer Niv Shank. Fashion direction by fashion editor Eduardo Caniglia, production by Yama Lake, set design by Doreen Regel, hair and makeup by Rafa Delgado, and casting by Vanessa Contini.

Jordy is a man by the lake for the latest issue of Glass Man Magazine captured by Su Mustecaplioglu, with fashion direction by Christopher Campbell, hair by Takuya Sugawara, and production by Mateen Mortazavi.

Cormac is lensed by Bryan Liston and styled by Alexander Picon in the latest issue of Arena Homme Plus Magazine for Y/Project x Fila Story shot in Ibiza. Production by Made In Germany.

Jordy is captured in a new editorial story in conversation with designer Willy Chavarria for the latest issue of SSAW Magazine. Photography by Mariana Maltoni, with styling and casting by Malcolm Mammone, and hair by Takayoshi Tsukisawa.

Camren is photographed by Photographer Andy Jackson for the latest issue of Twin Magazine. Styling by Mimi Kim, hair by Akihisa Yamaguchi, makeup up by Linda Gradin, set design by Milena Gorum, manicure by Shirley Cheng, and cast by Roberto Javier Sosa.

Sofian is captured by Katsu Naito for the latest issue of Replica Man Magazine. Styling by Fashion Editor Julie Ragolia, hair by Edward Lampley, makeup by Laramie Glen, and casting by Ricky Michiels.

Luis Paredes models and is styled in Fendi for the latest issue of VMAN Magazine. Photography by Ricardo Beas, with styling by Aryeh Lappin, makeup by Kuma, and hair by Eric Williams.

Jordy poses for the SS22 Situationist campaign. Photography and art direction by Davit Giorgadze. Creative direction by Irakli Rusadze, with styling by Dogukan Nesanir, makeup by Helene Vasnier, hair by Dushan Petrovich, and casting by Bert Martirosyan.

Olajuwon celebrates responsibly in the latest CIROC Blue Dot Advert. Photography by Yulia Gorbachenko, Creative direction by Pierre Delebois, Styling by Sandy Armeni, Grooming by Panos, and Manicurist, Cristina McLamb.

Jordy is photographed by Menelik Puryear for the latest issue of L’Officiel USA. Styling by Fashion Editor Jermaine Daley, with Hair by Gonn Kinoshita Makeup by Rommy Najor, and casting by Roger Inniss at Boom Productions.

Jordy is captured by Cesar Buitrago for Post Magazine HK. Fashion by Raul Guerrero, Hair, and Makeup by Mark Alan, with Set by Ariel Rodriguez, Styling Assist by Sokhna Samb, and Photo Assist by Kenna Wong.

Olajuwon stars in the cover story for the latest issue of M Revista De Milenio Magazine. Photography by Jeiroh, Styling by Editor Sarah Gore Reeves, Art Direction by Jennifer Rosenblum, Make up by Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, Hair by Moiz Alladina, and Styling Assist by Cassi Opeia.

Jordy stars in the newest editorial captured by Emmanuel Sanchez-Monsalve for CR MEN. Styling by Salome Brown, Make-up by Ernest Robinson, and Hair by Gon Kinoshita.

Jordy walks Dion Lee FW21 Ready To Wear Show in NY. Creative direction by Dion Lee, Art direction by Alex Robertson-Dunlop, Produced by Jarrad Serafine Clark, Styling by Melissa Levy, Hair by Mustafa Yanaz, Makeup by Erin Parsons, and Casting by Bert Martirosyan.

Jordy covers the pages of VMAN 46 with photography by Max Papendieck, fashion by Aryeh Lappin, make-up by Yui Ishibashi, and hair by Yohey Nakatsuka.

Chris Dominguez models for The Arrivals as they team up with Neighborhood Goods in a collaboration designed by Zoe Trout. The collection celebrating community – created by friends – designed for all, is captured by Addam Rodriguez, with styling by Kate Cunningham, and hair and makeup by Mika Shimoda.

Jordy wears Givenchy and Bulgari, and is captured by Rowan Papier for the latest issue of VMan Magazine 44. Styling by Aryeh Lappin, Hair by Evanie Frausto, Makeup by Tatyana Makarova, Art Direction by Gabriele Baldotto and Casting by Margeaux.

Jordy is also captured by Casper Kofi for Hercules Universal – After All Issue. Styling by David Vivirido. Grooming by Ben Jones. Set Design by David De Quevedo, with casting by Felicity Webb.

Joshuah parties in true fashion for the lastest editorial for V Magazine captured by Ewen Spencer. Fashion Editor Anna Trevelyan, Make up artist Hung Vanngo, Manicurist Mar Y Sol with Casting by jill Demling.

Olajuwon for the latest issue of Numero Magazine captured by Yoshiyuki Matsumura. Fashion Director Jean Michel Clerc, with Grooming by Shingo Shibata and Make up by Ingeborg Prinz.