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Jordy walks Dion Lee FW21 Ready To Wear Show in NY. Creative direction by Dion Lee, Art direction by Alex Robertson-Dunlop, Produced by Jarrad Serafine Clark, Styling by Melissa Levy, Hair by Mustafa Yanaz, Makeup by Erin Parsons, and Casting by Bert Martirosyan.

Chris Dominguez models for The Arrivals as they team up with Neighborhood Goods in a collaboration designed by Zoe Trout. The collection celebrating community – created by friends – designed for all, is captured by Addam Rodriguez, with styling by Kate Cunningham, and hair and makeup by Mika Shimoda.

Jordy wears Givenchy and Bulgari, and is captured by Rowan Papier for the latest issue of VMan Magazine 44. Styling by Aryeh Lappin, Hair by Evanie Frausto, Makeup by Tatyana Makarova, Art Direction by Gabriele Baldotto and Casting by Margeaux.